Are you ready for the challenge of speaking at Canada's most practical web professionals conference?

Yes? Good! let's get started!

Speaking at ACMELIVE! is a unique experience. Your talk must adhere to the following:

  • Be 30 minutes in length
  • Followed by 10 minutes of Q and A
  • Overview of a web concept
  • A deep dive into a part of that concept like a demo, code, or case study
  • Give attendees practical takeaways
  • Follow our Code of Conduct
  • Free of commercial content, no in-depths of paid products or services, no promoting your employer
  • What you get

    All speakers at ACMELIVE! will be paid a base honorarium of $500CAD, we will then reimburse you for travel and lodging expenses in Canadian Dollars, and free admission to the ACMELIVE! Conference.

    Who Should Submit?

    You, yes you, no matter what, you can be a tech speaker! We encourage everyone who has an idea for a talk to submit, we will help you ever step of the way to make it great, even making your submission better before we send it through our review process. We encourage under represented demographics to submit as well, we have and enforce a code of conduct to protect you and our attendees, and we have high standards for the type of content that is accepted in talks with our non-commercial policy and guidelines for creating a great talk.

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